Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

A month passed since I have arrived at Rotterdam as a participant at Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs program. And I would like to share my experience with you because I believe there is a bunch of my friends who want to open their own business but still not sure how, when and where.  Erasmus is here to help!

So while I was graduating from the University I was facing the same exact question that every single one of us faces – What will I do next? The answer for me was to hustle and open my own business one day. But saying that I want to open a business and actually doing it is two VERY different things. The fear of failing, not knowing where to start, not having enough money to invest and not having proper skills to do it, is a big scare when you put it all together. So I had to do something to overcome these fears and gain confidence in myself and my idea as well. So I started looking for opportunities to learn more about business and entrepreneurial skills, and I have stumbled upon this amazing program!Image result for erasmus for young entrepreneurs

Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs is a program designed to encourage young entrepreneurs to learn new skills and gain experience from small business owners abroad. Since the program is financed by European Commision, everyone accepted to the program gets an opportunity to choose the country they want to go to for the program. There is a huge list of European Countries as well as few new participating countries such as USA , Singapore  and Israel  ! The program can last up to 6 months and you are provided with a financial support as well.

For me, this was a great opportunity because I already had a business plan that was lacking knowledge in certain areas, and this mentoring experience enables me to move forward with my business development way faster than I was expecting. I have chosen to go to the Netherlands since I am quite in love with this place, and I have found an amazing host organisation – Charlotte Wooning Jewellery Company. I have also chosen to do only 2 months of the program since I feel like it is the best time frame to learn about everything I want to know and gain some experience in the meantime. Since jewellery business usually doesn’t run big projects, I had to find my way around it and see what is the best way to learn and gain skills during these 2 months. The biggest benefit of the program for me is that my mentor – Charlotte, is open and able to answer all my questions and helps me to develop my business idea as well.

I feel truly lucky to be part of this program and after only one month of working here, I already gained the necessary knowledge and more importantly confidence to go forward with my own business. I feel way more mature and insightful after these crazy 30 days in Rotterdam, so I am dedicating November for hard prep and making contacts with retailers and suppliers, and putting all ideas that’s been sitting in my head, to the Word file!


If you are interested in this opportunity as well you can get more information on it here, thank you for reading those Silly Stories!

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